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Campervan, caravan or tent?

Trips, vacation trips, weekend trips - there are many ways to do it. Starting from the means of transport, ending with the accommodation. People who do not prefer hotel accommodation, like to change their location often and choose a budget option, may have a problem - a camper, caravan or tent. In this article, we'll take a closer look at each of these options, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages.

Motorhome - advantages and disadvantages

There are more and more enthusiasts of traveling by motorhomes. They give you freedom, independence and allow you to save money on accommodation. Motorhomes are like a mobile home, which you can take with you to selected places and visit selected corners of the world during the trip.

Driving a vehicle is definitely easier and more comfortable than pulling a caravan. However, it is crucial that it weighs less than 3.5 tons - otherwise you will need to get a driving license for driving heavier vehicles, as well as pay tolls for traveling on toll roads for heavier cars.

Of course, financial matters must not be forgotten either. If these are the priorities, it should be borne in mind that the purchase or rental of a motorhome is more expensive than a caravan.

The advantage of motorhomes is the fact that you do not have to worry about the means of transport - they are self-sufficient, unlike trailers, which require an efficient car to tow.

A motorhome is a car designed for tourism, and therefore adapted in terms of construction and equipment for traveling. It provides a place to sleep and rest, and usually also a separate sanitary room and kitchen. This makes it both a means and a base for accommodation, sanitation and catering.

Caravan - advantages and disadvantages

The caravan will not drive by itself, so you need to have a roadworthy car with a hook, adapted to tow a trailer of a certain weight. As in the case of a motorhome, if the permissible total weight of the vehicle combination (car + trailer) exceeds 3.5 tons, a driving license and payment of fees (etoll) on toll roads are required.

A caravan will be perfect for a longer vacation in one place. You can park it as a base and explore the area by car. It is fully adapted to sleep, cook and rest in it. When it comes to sanitary facilities, most caravans have a toilet or even a small shower, but usually when traveling, we decide to take advantage of the comfortable conditions on the campsite. In the case of caravans, it is worth remembering that parking and camping is allowed only in designated areas. The purchase or rental cost certainly speaks in favor of caravans - it is much lower than in the case of motorhomes.

Tent - advantages and disadvantages

The last suggestion is a tent. Loved by many, but also feared. In the case of caravans and motorhomes, you do not have to worry about weather conditions. A tent may not be a very comfortable option when it is raining, and on frosty days it even makes camping impossible (although fans of extreme experiences may choose it). When it comes to the advantages of tents, their low price is sure, the possibility of traveling by various means of transport and no obligations. Once purchased, a tent will last for years and during many trips - of course, if it is of good quality and there are no unforeseen events. This type of camping will surely appeal to people who value closeness to nature, look for a cheap way of traveling and want independence and flexibility.

Campervan, caravan or tent - summary

We encourage you to analyze all these options and plan a trip that will meet your expectations. Each of the forms has its supporters and it is certainly worth trying each one at least once in your life to find out about all its advantages and disadvantages. You can decide to rent a motorhome or caravan, even for a weekend, to go to the mountains or to the sea. The purchase of a tent is an expense of several hundred zlotys, but you can just as well borrow it from your friends - someone around you must have it!

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